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Who is the customer of this product?

  • sport shooters,
  • amateurs of high technology,
  • anyones loves to have something unique.


  • Product ID: 190-00118-0 AMR308w
  • Weapon Type: Bolt Action Rifle,
  • Caliber: .308 Winchester,
  • Barrel Block,
  • Full floating action (both Single Shoot and Repeter configuration),
  • VHiPer Glide system: decoupling the human body from the rifle mechanics,
  • The VhiperGlide technology preserve the performances into the operative range from -40°C to +55°C,
  • Less than 3o sec. for weapon mounting for modern marksman shooters,

  • Picatinny (Mil-STD-1913),
  • Extension Picatinny rail,
  • Lubrication and maintenance: NO lubrication needed, NO Maintenance needed,
  • Stock: synthetic polymer detachable ThumbHole stock, adjustable cheek piece and butt plate,
  • Timney Trigger,
  • Barrels: Stabilized floating barrel, with gold plated heat sink,
  • Barrels types: 600, 650mm length, 4 or 6 groves, 1/12″
  • Loading: Detachable magazine (5 or 10 cartridges),
  • Weight: 6,950g.
  • Total Maximum Length: 1280,00mm (with 660mm barrel),
  • Gunkote Color: Black, Desert

Frame Materials:

  • High Grade Aluminium,
  • Stainless steel

The Rifle frame can be removed from the stock and placed on Automatic Sniper Platform system with ballistic computer. The operation can be performed in less than 1 minute.

Modern marksman needs portable lightwight weapon with heavy weapon accuracy performances.


  • Tactical Barrel (lightweight)
  • Competition Barrel (medium weight)
  • Bench Rest Barrel (heavy weight)
  • Jewell Trigger
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Pelican Hardigg cases
  • High Grade Bipod

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