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Heritage and Achivements

Elital (the name is Elettronica Italiana) was founded in 1986 and has rapidly expanded its capabilities in the design and manufacturing of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipments, subsystems and complete products fore industrial, space and military application. More information about the Elital products, technologies and achievements throughout the 25 years from its foundation are available in detailed product and technology presentations. It’s a general company profile. The strength of Elital is the mix of skills, available technologies and people experiences. Besides the company’s own personnel, Elital has established good professional relationships with experts coming from both space and non-space sectors, and Universities: L’Aquila, Tor Vergata Roma and Perugia are the main ones. Internally, Elital has progressively built a capable engineering design group that can handle both mechanical and electrical/electronic and software requirements in a cost-effective manner exploiting the features of most modern CAD tools. On the manufacturing side Elital is quite strong in five main areas, where the Company has invested, ad continues to invest, on modern and capable manufacturing tools and processes. Since its creation, the Elital’s strong points are the design and development of electronics and mechanics equipment, and the design, manufacturing, installation and testing of small and large ground Earth stations (visit on internet all the products available). Recently the MOBSAT terminal, entirely designed, developed and produced by Elital has captured a fair market share in this products class. Internal Facilities Overview: Engineering CAD Softwares: The Engineering dep. is equipped with latest performances Windows and Linux Work Stations.
  • Mechanical Design:
    • 3D Modeler for Mechanics design and Simulation
      • Inventor
      • Pro|Engineer
      • Catia
    • Ansys WorkBench for thermomechanical, cinematic, structural etc analysis
  • Radio Frequency Design:
    • HFSS for microwave components,
  • PCB Rounting:
    • Mentor Graphics
    • PADS Power PCB
    • Zuken Redac
    • Spice
  • Software and Firmware
    • K Develop C++
    • Embarcadero C++ Builder
    • Microchip - Development software
    • Analog Device DSP development software
    • Moog and Danhair motion control software and tools
  • SilkScreen, labeling, graphical layout.
    • Corel Draw
    • ATS Cutscript
Engineering CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) Softwares:
  • Sheet Metal:
    • Pro/E (CNC extension)
  • Machining
    • FeatureCAM
    • HiMill
  • Printed Circuit Board:
    • Cam 350
Internal special facilities list